DIFF Blog Contributors


Rachel Abitan[ Head of Bloggers & Editor]:


Rachel Abitan is a Public Relations student with a background in New Media studies. Social Media is an essential tool for two way communication in the professional field. As a growing Social Media Marketer her passion and goals are intertwined. She wants to provide organizations confidence and success with her skills of social media marketing to reach a broader audience and help maintain an outlet of communication to its public. Writing and oral communication are essential tools that she uses in order to successfully create comprehendible and professional messages. She has her own blog “Everything Mizrachi”, is a website designer, and manages social media for DIFF. Since having her own computer at a young age, she knew pursuing a career that involved an aspect of technology was necessary. She is outgoing and loves meeting and working with other people. Her favourite genre of films is documentaries because it evokes thought and a better understanding of the world we live in. To contact her please e-mail: abitanrachel@gmail.com and visit her Linked In.

Laura Greenfield [Blogger]:


Laura Greenfield was born in Toronto, Canada. An avid reader, she developed a love for storytelling from a young age. She began writing her own stories and novels while in middle school; in high school she began to experiment with film and music as well. Now in her last year at the University of Toronto, she is majoring in Media Studies with a double minor in English and Visual Art. Laura directs, writes, and is the cinematographer for the short films she and her brother produce for their YouTube channel, GreenFieldCinemas. Their work can be viewed at www.youtube.com/GreenFieldCinemas or on their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/GreenFieldCinemas. Laura is drawn to film because of the way the medium allows complex emotions and stories to be conveyed visually.

Her LinkedIn page can be found at http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/laura-greenfield/31/806/66a

Melissa Gonik [Blogger]:


Melissa Gonik was born in Toronto, Ontario and is pursuing a Film degree as a 2nd year university student. During her free time, Melissa enjoys watching and writing about film and television, which she hopes to turn into a career. She enjoys the thought-provoking and stimulating nature of many films, as well as the subsequent conversation those films facilitate. Her thoughts on film and television can be found at: www.brokenwallmusings.wordpress.com

Email: melgonik@gmail.com

Leonora Buskin [Blogger]:


Leonora Helen Buskin was born in Ottawa, Ontario and resided in the Greater Toronto Area since the age of six. She is currently pursuing degrees in Fine Arts and Education while also interning at the Archives of Ontario weekly. Drawing and painting throughout her life, Leonora has a strong appreciation for the arts. She is drawn to film not only because it is a way for artists to express themselves, but also creates a community by gathering people for entertainment or insightful learning.During her spare time she posts on a blog she recently started called Pictures Worth 1000 Words. (http://picworth.wordpress.com/

Erin Stevenson [Blogger]:


Erin Stevenson was born in Toronto, Canada. She is currently pursuing a bachelor degree in public relations at Humber College. She has a background in publishing, event planning and has a passion for writing and social media. She also took a film studies course at George Brown College. When it comes to film, Erin enjoys a wide variety of genres provided they are well made. Some of her favourite directors include Stanley Kubrick, Spike Lee and Orson Wells but she also enjoys the works of up –and-coming and independent film directors.