Film Review: It’s All About Me By: Erin Stevenson



It’s All About Me explores the differences between the generations and director Antoine Abugaber sets out to discover why there is an inflated sense of entitlement among youth.

While the film does not quite have me convinced that the younger generation is completely self-absorbed, Abugaber argues that upbringing, education and environment are approached much differently than in the previous generations and are the major factors in shaping today’s narcissistic youth.

I would argue that, with every generation, there is a rebellious stage in the teenage years. I would also say that I believe today’s generations (X, Y and Z) grow up to be compassionate and caring of others, wanting to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.


Q&A with Director Antoine Abugaber

He does hit a home run when describing generations Y’ and Z’s fascination with social media and the need to constantly share personal information.

Overall, it is a great film that will get you thinking about the differences between the generations and how upbringing, environment and education might play a role in shaping a self-loving, entitled generation.