Film Review: Unhappy Happy By: Rachel Abitan


Cast & Crew of Unhappy Happy at DIFF’s Premiere of The Film

They say life is like a rollercoaster: it is fun, frustrating, scary, and amazing. We all go through periods in our life when we go through a struggle or are influenced by a loved one or a family member’s illness.  We have to choose to overcome these battles.  Unhappy Happy, directed by Rob Shaw, portrays a man named Case who struggles with achieving happiness while going through a sabbatical as a team builder and his brother who has cancer. He attempts to make a machine that stimulates happiness to the brain. He fails to create it but meets Nelly who helps create this device. You see Case’s struggle of sadness and relationships.

The film had a great turnout during the premiere at The Daring Independent Film Festival. The actors were active on social media, tweeting for the premiere, and post-film supporting DIFF. I even met the actress Victoria Murdoch a very kind, outgoing, and friendly individual.

I don’t want to give away the characters’ adventures and the ending but focus more on what lessons and reminders I got from the film’s memorable quotes for you, the viewers, to explore and share. It will definitely make you go out and see the film.

1)      “You’re only unhappy because you choose to be.” Often, those who say they feel this deep unhappiness with their life continue in their ways in an irreversible cycle of sadness.  It definitely reminds you that when things go wrong in life, sadness, depression or whatever it may be IS NOT a permanent state. It is necessary to find ways to bring back healthier habits or necessary changes for growth. Whatever it may be.

2)      “Why did it have to be you? Why did it have to be my little brother? I had a good life Case. I’ve had a good life. I’ve felt loved. You can’t ask for much more than that” [Case’s conversation with his brother]. As The Beatles say, “All you need is love.” Love can be considered one of the most powerful emotions. It can cure of us of pain, help us grow, and simply, make us happy. The film reminds us that family and friends who love us most are the most important things in life. Without love, what is there left in life? You can have money but it doesn’t buy you happiness.

3)      “People can change. They just have to want to change.”  Change is inevitable. We can try avoiding it but ultimately what does that accomplish? It can be hard to do if it’s major but what it accomplishes is happiness. You get one step closer to the essence of your best self. The first process of accomplishing change, is wanting it within yourself. Without that, it is unsuccessful.


Q&A with- Cast of Unhappy Happy at DIFF

This film really gets to your heart in a simple way. It doesn’t use rare trauma situations to grab you, but relatable situations to general unhappiness and sick family members. If you want a film that really speaks to you if you’re going through a hard time or just something to touch your heart, Unhappy Happy is the film for you.


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